About Us

nurse and receptionist at inpatient reception deskFounded in 1994, the MUSC Digestive Disease Center (DDC) brings together the diverse specialties involved in evaluating and treating digestive diseases. A strong commitment has been made to providing informative resources to patients and their loved ones, the general public, and medical professionals wishing to enhance their understanding of digestive diseases and procedures.

The management of digestive diseases, which has improved enormously over the last two to three decades, has also become more complex as the number of treatments has rapidly grown. This has made it essential for specialists of different expertise to work together to provide the most effective and efficient treatment for their patients.

The DDC’s specialized faculty has particular expertise in:

  • advanced diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy;
  • esophageal diseases and general motility disorders;
  • liver disease (and transplantation);
  • complex pancreatic and biliary diseases;
  • interventional radiology;
  • nutritional disorders;
  • ano-rectal and colonic problems;
  • laparoscopic surgery;
  • pediatric gastroenterology and surgery; and
  • GI oncology (in association with the Hollings Cancer Center).

The DDC also offers services at the Ralph H. Johnson Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) and Charleston Memorial Hospital.

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